Pro Sport Job is to serve all sports people.

The idea for this service originates from thoughts such as “Why it is so hard to find the right contacts? Where to find the right people or team abroad? How do you get the opportunity to stand out and show what you´ve got if you don`t know the right people?”

We want to help our registered users to succeed in finding jobs and creating new contacts. We want to promote equality and transparency in sports. We want that everyone with talent gets their chance. One of our main goals is to bring different sports together into one forum and get all pros networking.

We believe that sports can unite people. Let's find out.

We want to know if people share our thoughts. Do you want to find opportunities and contacts? If you say “Yes”, then sign up for our service. We believe that this could be a start of something big. However, we need to start with the basics. We understand the special needs of different sports. We want to develop our service together with the top people in sports. Stay tuned and be part of this journey.

The company is registered in Finland and the head office is located in Tampere, Finland.

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